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where neither israel nor egypt has wanted to take responsibility for what's going on in gaza city so it's not like morsi wants to take responsibility for gaza but sponsoring the peace and i think slowly but surely he wants to bring hamas along to show the world that he's a guy that can deal with hamas, bring hamas to the table, present some sort of detente between egypt, hamas and israel. >> the palestinian people and who is in gaza and, guys, showing the map one more time, the geography to get the visual here, this is gaza, the gaza strip. it's basically twice the size of washington, d.c. with over 1.5 million people crammed in to the borders and hamas in civilian neighborhoods to draw israeli strikes in and then head leans are israel kills innocent civilians in palestine. the factions of fatah and hamas are at lauger heads. who's egypt and israel supposed to be an honest broker with trying to get the safety of these innocent people, the palestinians trying to go around about their daily lives, living in terrible conditions within gaza. >> you hit upon one of the most important issues
is at a store in new york and it always seems that someone in a small town wins so you are in new york city which means you are at a store where the winner will not be located. >> reporter: hopefully i'll break that streak. i bought several tickets here today. that would be a good thing, for sure. we have seen a steady stream of customers. at this location alone, they have sold several thousand dollars of tickets and seeing that across the country. about 550 million powerball tickets have been sold and that's why the number of the jackpot keeps growing and getting bigger. as people hear about the jackpot, they run out to get the tickets and that feeds the jackpot and the cycle builds on itself and every week that goes by without a winner it keeps growing. this pot started growing october 6th, more than seven weeks ago and every week without a winner is it's bigger and bigger. the odds of winning is 1 in 175 million and not likely that people who buy a ticket will win but everybody wants that chance at the dream. not just the winner that's going to go home with something. the state gets a do
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2